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Rachael Curtis

CEO - Property Management

Allow me to introduce Rachael Curtis, the esteemed CEO of Property Management across four award-winning offices: AKG, Brookwater & Greater Springfield, Daisy Hill, and Marsden. With a team of 40 cherished staff members under her guidance, Rachael's leadership has been instrumental in their success.

When asked what sets her and her team apart, Rachael's response is clear: "Your investment is our investment." As homeowners and tenants themselves, Rachael and her team understand the importance of treating clients' properties with the utmost care. They provide dedicated points of contact for clients, maintain a specialized leasing department, and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional service.

Rachael's remarkable skills with technology are worth noting. She has tested different programs and is always on the lookout for the best and highest-quality technology to take their business to the next level. This dedication to utilizing innovative technology sets Rachael and her team apart from others in the industry.

At Rachael's helm, the focus is always on ensuring clients receive the best possible return on their investments. They carefully evaluate potential tenants, asking themselves if they would rent the property to them if it were their own investment. Additionally, they assess maintenance needs and plan for future improvements, always striving to enhance property value.

The team takes immense pride in the high level of service they provide to their valued clients. Rachael, in particular, brings enthusiasm, dedication, and extensive industry experience to her role as CEO. Her journey in real estate began twelve years ago, during which she has held various positions in some of the largest companies in Logan and the Gold Coast. This experience has provided her with a solid foundation to develop investment strategies, plans, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Rachael's innovative and forward-thinking approach, combined with her resilient and organized nature, makes her a confident and effective professional. Her exceptional communication skills further enhance her ability to connect with clients and deliver results. Throughout her career, Rachael has achieved numerous successful outcomes for her clients, constantly seeking personal and professional growth through ongoing education and development opportunities.

Passion for her career runs deep within Rachael. She loves what she does and considers herself fortunate to work with a talented group of individuals. The collaborative and supportive environment created by Rachael and her team fosters their collective success and allows them to consistently deliver outstanding results.

As the CEO of Property Management, Rachael Curtis embodies dedication, expertise, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction. With her leadership, the team continues to thrive and exceed expectations.


  • 2019/2020 - Property Manager of the Year
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